Saturday, May 2, 2009

Regular Expressions

Over the past year, I've posted a lot of code that made use of regular expressions. When used appropriately, they can be very powerful. But regular expressions in ASP are a little more cumbersome than PHP. Wouldn't it be great if ASP had the simplicity of regular expression functions?

Once again, the source code is too long to post here, so it will only be available on Snipplr. This library of functions includes the following:

  • ereg() - case-sensitive regular expression match
  • eregi() - case-insensitive regular expression match
  • ereg_replace() - case-sensitive regular expression replacement
  • eregi_replace() - case-insensitive regular expression replacement
  • sql_regcase() - make regular expression for case insensitive match

View ASP implementation on Snipplr

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