Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fuel consumption

Last November I was at a Service Canada office and picked up a pamphlet called Fuel Consumption Guide 2007. Although too old to be relevant (unless you're buying a used car), it contained some formulae for calculating fuel consumption which inspired me to write some code.

This library of functions is among the longest yet, so I won't be posting the code directly on the blog, but here's a list of the functions included:

  • lph() - Calculate fuel consumption rating in litres per 100 kilometres.
  • mpg() - Calculate fuel consumption rating in miles per gallon.
  • lph2mpg() - Convert miles per (imperial) gallon to litres per 100 kilometres.
  • mpg2lph() - Convert litres per 100 kilometres to miles per (imperial) gallon.
  • fuelConsumption() - Calculate fuel consumption in litres.
  • CO2emissions() - Calculate carbon dioxide emissions in kilograms.

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